I have to believe small changes matter and if enough of us do them, they become big changes… so I’m going to share weekly small changes I’ve made to save the planet and would love for you to play along too. Where possible I’m aiming to save $$ and not add any arduous processes to my already busy life!  (and none of these are paid endorsements – just what works for me!)



For a lot of fruit and vege items I just let them free-ball (mandarins for example) but the small stuff, like beans, were always a plastic culprit. These guys are lightweight so don’t add more than 10grams to the item weight and are made from recycled plastic themselves.  I adore these things (and gifted quite a few of them for Christmas!).   If they start getting grotty they clean right up with a quick rinse in the sink with some dishwashing liquid.  If i’m at the market, I tip the contents into the big grocery bag and re-use at the next stall when I fill them all up. The Onya ones even come squished into a carry bag with a handy hook.

How do you transport your fruit and vege without a plethora of plastic bags?

(And are you being slack and reusing Instagram content from way back?  Yeah… just another form of recycling… 😛 )


Background: So how do I tell my daughter that our generation is aware of climate change, to the point we’re using the words ‘Near Term Extinction’ with speculation that we need to turn things around by 2030 or its over, yet those with the most power to make change do next to nothing? I don’t want to look into her eyes on her 14th birthday and shrug with a ‘sorry kiddo’.  So into the ether goes my small changes that will have a big impact if enough of us do them – all 50 of them as I’m determined to do one a week – join me!

And if you’re interested, here is a nice round up on some ‘the end is nigh’ reading:

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