capture it all

Atmosphere, activities, interactions

Capturing your expertise, the vibe, the details and all of the important bits with both candid and posed portraits.

Let your audience peek in the window and feel like an attendee with photos of:

  • the important bits (to celebrate the event)
  • behind the scenes shots (to build trusted relationships)
  • photos that show the energy and atmosphere (to build your brand authority) and
  • details that you can reuse at other times (cos you’re smart and want to get a good ROI on the photography!)

Share on your socials, in your newsletter, on your website and in marketing materials advertising your next amazing event.

The Babes Project Founder Helen Parker talks at a microphone at the Babes 10 year celebration

It’s so hard to explain just how amazing Miranda is as an event photographer. I feel like she didn’t just capture IMAGES of the event, she captured the vibe, the essence… she captured the feeling of the room, which is so magical.

When I got back the photos from my conference, it was like I was transported back to the room. The connection, the feeling, the inspiration – she captured them in our event photos so perfectly. I am so grateful that we had Miranda’s expertise as our event photographer.

Oh my goodness, I am just so elated to see my event photos!

MIRANDA! You absolutely nailed it. You somehow managed to not only capture the big moments, but also the small ones. Those tiny things that make our conference so special. You are spectacular and I am so grateful!

I know that we really challenged Miranda with our event – the first dinner wasn’t particularly well-lit, the conference room had rainbow ceiling lights, and our stage spotlights were in a weird spot for the morning session. And yet, the photos she took are absolutely perfect. Honestly, I am just blown away by how beautifully she captured our event – and she did it without intruding on the event as well, which was a challenge we have previously had with other photographers.

Wholeheartedly recommend you hire Miranda as your event photographer. SPECTACULAR.


the event experience

Just like being there…

Create a compelling narrative to enhance your brand story. Your attendees will be sharing the photos for weeks afterwards and your audience will eagerly anticipate attending your next event. You’ve got photos that showcase the energy and excitement, the connections and the laughs, the inspiration and atmosphere… those that couldn’t attend will feel like they were right there with you (and want to be there next time!)

With fast turnarounds you can share the excitement whilst the event is still fresh.


Event photography is more than a handful of pretty pictures. From zoomed out vistas that capture the magnitude of your event to the tiny details that made it special and the energy and interactions in between, an event gallery tells the story.  As always all the share-worthy images are included in the price. For full day, mutli-day and interstate events, contact me for a tailored qutoe.

You receive:

  • Photography on location
  • Associated editing
  • High resolution digital files
  • Social media ready digital files
  • Commercial use licensing


per hour

So how many photos is that?

I consistently deliver 60+ photos an hour. Two hour of photography at a not-for-profit ladies day out supporting local charities received a gallery of 260 photographs.


– Minimum 1.5 hour booking.
– A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. Full payment required prior to image delivery.
– Price includes travel within 60 minutes of Carrum Downs else travel fees may apply.
– Editing includes culling, cropping, color correction etc, does not include retouching, etching, Photoshop manipulation etc.

Hosting an family affair? Head over to Family Event Photography.
Work with a Not-For-Profit? Contact me for NFP rates.