FAMILY Portraits

That tell your story…

I want to create family portraits that you love. Photos that invoke memories, that make you smile. Photos you just can’t wait to display and you cherish.

Kids don’t stay small forever – even if you ask them not to grow up!  And as time goes on, even as a photographer, I wish I had’ve documented more of the little things – mundane everyday activities and interactions that show emerging personalities and growing relationships, to remember the magical moments amidst the chaos that is parenting.

I can not thank you enough for these photos! They are beautiful and real. I think I’ve gone through every emotion looking through them, which perfectly captures a day with young children. Some have given me the warm fuzzies, some have made me laugh out loud, some have brought a tear to my eye and some have made me roll my eyes. I love that you don’t shy away from the real shots and the real feels, from nose picking to scraped knees and upset feelings. These photos perfectly capture this time in our lives, all of it, and I love them. Thank you so much


Lifestyle Photography

Enjoy capturing your family’s personalities in a way that is fun and simple. Instead of awkward poses, forced smiles and artificial backdrops, we capture genuine moments in your family’s “natural habitat”. We get authentic interactions and the real emotions to shine through. I come to you from the comfort of your home to your favorite spot outdoors, which offers a unique opportunity to tell your family’s story in a setting that holds meaning for you.

Whether it’s playful moments in the backyard, cuddles on the couch, or having fun at the park or beach, these photos beautifully document your family. The result? Timeless, heartfelt images that reflect who you are and what you love. 

A family lifestyle photoshoots has me follow your family around for 30-45 minutes recording moments.  There is no need to chose your favorites as you get all wall worthy images edited in a mix of color and black & white.  And you won’t have to re-mortgage your house to purchase prints as you receive the high resolution digital files as standard. Print wall art, canvases, coffee mugs, blankies for nanna etc plus you also get a copy of the images sized ready to share on social media.


Don’t enjoy being in front of the camera? Lifestyle photography is about capturing you or your family being themselves so no lining up against a white wall and fake smiles. 

You do fun things so you can relax and enjoy both the session and the results.


Hard to get everyone out of the house at the same time?  No worries – I come to you and we document backyard adventures and everyday undertakings.

Don’t want to tidy? That’s fine too – we can meet at your local beach or park.

Don’t have much time?  We can get a plethora of photos in less time than you think.


Prices include all the wall worthy images edited ready to use!  You get high resolution digital files for printing, and social media sized digital files for sharing. 

There is no per image cost.


There is no need to choose a handful of your favorite photographs as all the wall-worthy images are included in the price.  With digital files you can keep printing costs down and print as many copies as you’d like to keep around your home and gift friends and family.

You receive:

  • 30-45 minutes photo shoot at your place or on location (park, beach etc)
  • High resolution digital files ready for prints and enlargements
  • Social media ready digital files for sharing online


So how many photos is that?

I consistently deliver 60+ photos an hour. A 45 minute lifestyle session for a family of four at a local beach photographing on the beach, pier and foreshore reserve received 154 photographs.


– A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.
– Price includes travel within 30 minutes of Carrum Downs else travel fees may apply.
– Images are downloaded from a password protected online gallery or provided on USB.
– Full payment required prior to image delivery – payment plans available.

Have an event coming up? Head over the family event photography page.


“Thank you so much for the precious memories of our family you captured for us all over again. We absolutely love the photos. Despite my daughters determined effort to keep a photo face, you captured some very real and beautiful expressions of her. I was looking through the photos and thinking these are exactly the sort of family photos I want to treasure. A lot of very real feelings, expressions and exchanges captured. I could not be happier. Thanks for being so patient and kind despite my kids being over energetic and making the whole process fun and exciting. Your photography approach is exactly what our family needed. Thank you so much.
Will definitely be contacting you again for a family photoshoot in the future.”


They’re all stunning


Thank you, that was so quick!!!
The twinkle-lights photos worked … and I love the all-of-us-walking ones! 
But the winners are definitely the dorky family portraits on the lawn, you got all of us perfectly! 
Thanks so much! So many exclamation points!!


They are magic!!! I love every single one, even the snot filled crying ones!!! Thank you so much, I was so worried you would get any good ones of … and you got so many!!!


“Miranda Mayle has been doing our yearly family photos since Ivy was born. Every year she delivers beautiful, natural shots but I’m even more in love with them this time around”


HOLY FREAKIN’ WOW!!!! Love, love, LOVE our photos!!!! Thank you so much for capturing “us”! The quirkiness and personality is just pouring out of these images! I knew you would be the right photographer for us and you absolutely did not disappoint! We are absolutely stoked! Thank you again so much”