Photoshoots that are fast, fuss-free & FUN!

Want to stand out from the crowd and authentically connect with your audience?
Want gorgeous photographs that elevate your brand and grow your business?

Marketing today is all about personal branding: building relationships, sharing your stories and being real.  You want to stand out from your competitors, communicate your values and attract the right clients with a dynamic online presence you’re proud of. Stop the scroll, connect and engage!

Let’s create dazzling images that capture your brand and let your personality shine.  We’ll keep it simple, affordable and FUN (no fake smiles allowed!) PLUS you’ll adore the results!

Your clients want to know who you are, learn about what you do and build that trusted relationship so they are ready to work with you now. (What are you waiting for?  Don’t let your competitors introduce themselves first!)

“Thank you Miranda for a great photo experience! You made it feel so easy to be in front of the camera, and for someone who has spent years hiding from the camera, it was such an amazing experience. You were able to capture me in a natural way, which is exactly what I asked for and wanted. Your experience and attention to detail showed in the results with photos ready to use on my socials, website and anywhere else I can find to use them”


The Spiel

aka the benefits

If you have an online presence or do any kind of visual marketing, you can benefit from professional photography:

  • CONNECT & CONVERT: Develop a personal connection with your ideal audience to build trusted relationships, increase engagement and maximise conversions. Show them why you do what you do and what its like to work with you at a glance. Ditch the same stock photos everyone is using and stand out from the crowd with imagery that represents you, resonates with your brand and matches your style.
  • SAVE TIME: With a library of images ready to go you won’t be scrambling when you schedule your socials, update the website or need to send out a headshot. Create a plethora of pictures for a heap of content in as little as 90 minutes.
  • SAVE MONEY: With per hour, not per image pricing. There are no packages or additional costs, you just get all the insta-worthy digital files with commercial licensing ready to use! (And save even more when you subscribe!)

There is more to branding photography than pretty pictures of you with your coffee and a laptop. You want someone to take the time to get to know your business, tell your brand story and understand how you want to use the images. This includes things like style and colors PLUS logistics (like leaving negative space for text on web banners or shooting so you can crop for Insta) PLUS helping you formulate story sessions that connect with your next client. 

And your photographs are yours! With commercial use licensing you can resize them, add text, overlay your logo and share them with your team to use, eg. the web developer, graphic designer, social media agency (which all might be you!) There are no watermarks and no link backs or photo credit required.  Use them on your  website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, blog, online course, eBook, downloads & lead magnets, LinkedIn, email marketing, business cards, printed promotional materials, thank you cards, packaging – the list is endless!

“When I had the idea to get a photoshoot done for my business website, I hunted high and low for a photographer that I’d feel comfortable working with. My intuition told me Miranda was the ONE – so I travelled from the other side of the state (some 5.5 hours away!) to have the session with her. It felt completely crazy – but I’m so glad I listened to my guidance, because it was completely worth it.

Miranda not only made me feel comfortable during the shoot, she made me feel amazing! She continually gave me instructions during the shoot on how to pose, reminded me to smile and boosted my self esteem. I felt confident, beautiful and free to be me. That’s quite a feat, given how introverted and camera-shy I am! I’m surprised how much I actually enjoyed the shoot.

Afterwards, I still felt nervous about how the photos would turn out. Thankfully, Miranda sent the photos to me quickly, and all my fears evaporated as soon as I saw them. They were wonderful – professional, beautiful and creative. And there were so many! Miranda definitely offers incredible value for money!

Thank you so much Miranda – I’m thrilled with my photos, and I will happily travel another 5.5 hours to work with you again!”



There are no packages or add-ons or hidden costs. The per session price includes everything: discovery, planning, photography, editing and fast delivery of ALL the insta-worthy images, formatted ready to use with commercial use licensing.  The number of images delivered does vary but I consistently deliver over 80 photos.

You receive:

  • Business discovery and photoshoot planning
  • 90 minute photoshoot at location(s) of your choice
  • Associated editing
  • High resolution digital files
  • Social media ready digital files
  • Commercial use licensing


So how many photos is that?

I consistently deliver 60+ photos an hour. A 90 minute photoshoot for a Virtual Assistant rebranding her business, with photos around her home office, home and yard in six different outfits received a gallery containing over 200 photos.


– A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.
– Price includes travel within 60 minutes of Carrum Downs else travel fees may apply.
– Images are downloaded from a password protected online gallery or provided on USB.
– Payment is required in full prior to image delivery – payment plans available.
– Editing includes culling, cropping, color correction etc and does not include retouching, etching, Photoshop manipulation etc.

Know you’ll need photos regularly? Check out my subscription packages.

A female singer smiles with a microphone in front of a cinderblock wall

But I’m not photogenic

That’s okay – that’s my job (and p.s. YOU ARE!)

There is nothing worse than paying for images that make you cringe and have you off comparing yourself with everyone else’s perfect picture with a laptop and coffee. I get it can be hard to get yourself in front of the camera – its something I struggle with too, but in today’s online market it’s become a necessity. So we’ll make it fun. I promise to never push you in front of the camera and just say smile. I’ve got a heap of posing tips and I’m determined to create photos you love and can’t wait to share!

Great photographs are all about letting that inner confidence shine. Trust the photographer to help you pose and get the right angles, then enjoy being the centre of attention and treated like a celebrity! Wear clothing that makes you feel fabulous and is true to you. Nothing stops you packing a friend to come and cheer lead and make it a more enjoyable activity.

And you know what? Your audience is not actually looking for model perfect. Yes, they want to be inspired, see beautiful pictures and need to see you as a subject matter expert but don’t mix up your inner critic with your ideal customer – they are not the same.

There’s no such thing as not photogenic. Like that’s my entire job: to create photos you adore!


“I spent the most wonderful 90 minutes with Miranda. She put me at ease right from the start and I felt like myself during the entire shoot and the photos are a beautiful reflection of who I am. My only problem is I have too many amazing photos to choose from!”


“From someone who normally cringes when looking at photos of herself, I am over the moon at the photos Miranda took! She was so easy to work with. Her approach helped me to relax and feel good which really showed in all the photos. There were so many great photos it’s hard to choose which ones I will use – maybe all of them! I’m all set for a good while now!

Thank-you Miranda – you are so good at what you do!”


I am blown away by the quantity and quality of the images you’ve captured. Blown away!!! Miranda, you made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Nothing was a problem, including my kids running around in the background – instead you included them in the shoot. You captured the essence of both me and the look/feel I was after. Thank you very much!


“Oh Miranda! I have never liked photos of myself and now I am finding it hard to choose which ones I don’t like. I love them all.. Thank you so much!”


Thanks SO much for these. We have poured over them today and they’re just divine. SO many different shots and angles – we love them all.


I love the photos that you captured for me, I find myself creating social posts JUST to post a picture 😍😂❤️


But I’m on a tight budget

No worries! Per hour, not per image.

I’ve a confession…

I’m against the usual model of pay for a photo session then pay for the images on top of that.. or include a number of images here and then charge an over the top amount on top of that for additional images.
I do the same amount of work whether you purchase 1 image or 100 images. So why pay extra?

My rates are per hour and include all the images – no extra costs!

But I’m don’t have time…

We’re going to have to agree to disagree.

In as little as 90 minutes, you get all the images so you don’t have to spend extra time narrowing down your favorites from a large gallery of proofs and there isn’t endless back and forward to plan the session.

How much time do you spend now creating, and/or curating your online images? And how much time would you save if you had a plethora of images that showed your business, products or service, your favorite things, your behind the scenes, your details, your personality etc all ready to go straight onto your socials in your favorite styles and colors? No more wasted time trawling for images, or spending money paying for stock images that look like everyone else, with a library of custom images at your fingertips when you need an image right now.

I know it’s hard work wearing all the hats in a business and doing all the roles, and I understand what it’s like juggling a business with family trying to divide your time between both, so it’s important you value your time and focus your energy on the parts of your business and the people you love, let me sort out the photography.

Why work with me?

Hey, I’m Miranda and I love working with business owners to grow their brand and business with professional photography. I truly believe you are the magic at the heart of your biz/brand and telling your story is a must in today’s online landscape.  I love empowering women to see themselves how the rest of the world sees them, growing their self confidence, helping them let go of any self doubt they hold about their appearance and telling their inner critic to buzz off!.

I listen to understand your brand vision, values and message and focus on you and your outcomes to create photos that really resonate with your clients. I work super hard to get you comfortable in front of the camera – its gotta be authentic and fun.

And I know my stuff – lighting, composition, styling, resolution.

I would love to be in your in-house photographer, tell your story, save you time and money and let you do the bits of your business you are passionate about