My favorite image

What’s your favorite image of yourself and why? There’s more to it than how we look in the image.  It’s all about what emotions it evokes.  The feelings of joy, happiness, pride, empowerment that go with the picture, or the memories of the moment captured perhaps?  We are engrossed by more than just the light and dark spots that make up the image itself.

My favorite at the moment, is a self portrait I took with my baby when she was around one month old and I was just starting out this motherhood thing, barely surviving each day alone with this amazing creature who I couldn’t not predict, interpret, understand nor rationalise with yet whom ignited all my feelings.  The image is a bit raw but I wanted to respect, remember and celebrate the time, stretch marks and all.  The baby was asleep and I was folding wash – I call that winning.  I’ve gone on to take the same shot 3 months later and 3 months later again and want to continue doing so – capturing our growth together.

1 month, 4 months, 7 months

So what’s your favorite image of yourself?

originally published 7th March 2017 via Richard|Mayle Portraiture