Babes in Cairns Event

Being flown up to Cairns for the launch of the newest Babes Project centre…? Don’t mind if I do! I enjoy all the time I spend at the Babes – so many opportunities for cute photos of divine babies and adorable kids!  I honestly look forward to every shoot with them.  And to top it all off I get to hear the emotional stories of women finding their power and owning motherhood with the help and support of the The Babes Project.  Listening to how thankful mothers who undertake the program are, makes me so thankful that I get to contribute to such an amazing organisation.  My biggest reward is capturing the emotion, power or connection in a photograph and allowing the Babes story to be shared.  And from a technical perspective I love the diversity of the photographic opportunities I get working with the Babes – including headshots, product flatlays, lifestyle images of mothers and children, capturing the mood at events, encountering not so perfect lighting or spaces – all makes for a very enjoyable challenge.

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