Because imperfect is perfect…

I think photography should be about story telling.  I’m not a fan of a perfectly lined up group of people all smiling at the camera, with eyes that are doing the exact opposite of looking happy to be here.  I love capturing moments, and personalities, and relationships. I want photos to capture the essence, the vibe, the energy of that moment and send you looking off into the distance with that small knowing smile on your face as you reminisce.  Emotion beats a technically perfect photo every time.  Every. Damn. Time.

Michelle McKay has written six compelling reasons why lifestyle (aka storytelling) photographs should take pride of place in your home – and I agree!  They capture personality, quirks, uniqueness, values, individualism, they “are a reminder of what this life is all about, making the tough days that bit easier” and great personalised works of art. (checkout her full post here). (And yep that looks like more than six because she groups those adjectives together 🙂 )

[Insert shameless marketing here.] I come to you and capture your family in their “natural habitat”, being themselves because I think that make great portraits. [end plug – skip to the cute photos…]



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