red shoes purple wedding dress

The “should Deadpool play roller derby?” wedding…

These guys trusted me to capture their day their way, were super welcoming of my little side kick and said awesome things afterwards:

“HOLY FREAKIN’ WOW!!!! Love, love, LOVE our photos!!!! Thank you so much for capturing “us”! The quirkiness and personality is just pouring out of these images! I knew you would be the right photographer for us and our style of wedding and you absolutely did not disappoint! We are absolutely stoked! Thank you again so much.” 

Was a pleasure to shoot and awesome to see a wedding day so full of personality and quirkiness 🙂  Oh and the answer to the question “do you want Deadpool on your roller derby team?” was no, but you’d have to ask the celebrant for the exact details as to why, as I was kinda busy taking photos…


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