I believe…

I’m having a bad day and sometimes therapy is getting thoughts out of your head, through your finger tips and into the ether…


I believe gender stereo types limit all genders

I believe gender/identity differs from sex/biology and its a spectrum, and you don’t get a choice

I believe marriage between two consenting adults will not unravel the space time continuum

I believe feminism is not a bad word, that men can be feminists and that equality doesn’t have to come at the expense of others

I believe in leading by example

I believe owning less does bring more joy

I believe one person can make a difference and from that ripples large transformation

I believe in climate change

I need to believe small changes matter like not using single-use plastics and up-cycling versus buying new

I need to believe there are more good one peoples in this word than evil

I believe the children are the future and we need to stop fucking up the world we’re leaving for them

What do you believe in?


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