I didn’t train because…

I haven’t trained for over a week and it feels crap.  Yep – there are legitimate reasons to miss training and then there is the generic I can’t be stuffed.

The whole parenting gig means I’m so sleep deprived my coffee needs a coffee…. and that I sometimes (read 99.98% of the time) do not have control over what I can do with my time if the baby so decides, but there are a few things I say to myself that get me training anyways:

  • My health is important – staying active is a pretty big contributor to well being both physical and mental. And nowadays its not just me that relies on me
  • My team is relying on me – its kinda hard to predict the play if you haven’t practiced the play.
  • I’ve never once regretted training once I actually get my butt there!

^^ that last one is the biggie.  I’m pretty sure we all have that warm/sore/fuzzy/endorphin fueled post activity feels, yet we manage to so easily forget when its cold, dark and the couch seems to be a gravity well.  It helps to take a moment after training to store for later so you can remind yourself next time the front door seems a million miles away.

Anyways, I’m full of snot – a legitimate reason not to train because a) my health is important, b) my teammates health is important and c) if you can’t breath you can’t train…  so this is a short one…  Comment for me to read on my sick bed: what stops you from training? And then more importantly what gets you to training?  (And remember you can share that story to support, encourage and inspire each other at thisgirlcan.com.au and you could be selected for the This Girl Can Victoria campaign launching in early 2018.)

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Baby also full o snot… yes, I have a silhouette of me skating on my wall…

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  1. I say this about my martial arts whenever I start questioning should I practice or go to a session. 100% of the time I’ve gone I’ve been thankful I did, even when already feeling worn or tired. Times I’ve had the energy but didn’t I’ve regretted not going. Knowing that alone has been motivation enough to keep going.
    My secondary motivator for any sport has been sleep and eyesight. I work at a computer, and when I relax I read or play games – on a computer. This does my eye strain something shocking so I need to go out and do something. Not being up for alcohol, this means sport – even if it’s running in the street for an hour. I sleep far better when I’ve done my exercise at night, and let all the caffeine that’s sat per-digested through the day actually get processed into my bloodstream and then used.
    Oddly I haven’t had much anxiety about derby training. I can feel I’ll get better any time because I know if I spend any time on skates, it’s more experience and practice. Even if I do a poor job of it, it’s still going to be better than had I not. It also helps those I train with stay motivated and have enough skaters to run the coaches’ lesson plan.

    1. All great points though my favorite is this: “Even if I do a poor job of it, it’s still going to be better than had I not.” as its so so true.

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