Riveols Sports Apparel

Riveols Sports Apparel

Lifestyle product photography is so useful – it helps your clients really visualise your products in action, see exactly how they perform and consider something they might have scrolled past on a plain white background. You don’t want to overwhelm your product – it needs to be the obvious hero in the shot but you can give some context and tell a bit more story than photographing the product on its own.

Due to poor air quality our beach shoot was moved to the gym. And a gym is always a challenge – they’re not usually bright and airy, quite industrial and covered in mirrors – and no one wants me in the photos! This means I focus on the products and the people more – tight crops, shallow depth of field and lighting that highlights the subject not the backdrop. Plus mirrors keep you on your toes for the best and sometimes most creative angles.

Here are some of the amazing new arrivals at Riveols. 10+ outfits, 1.5 hour photoshoot and just under 200 images delivered.  “They are amazing and are absolutely the look I am going for! Thank you again so much for such a great job and I’m so happy there are so many photos. ❤️❤️❤️ love them so much! Cant wait to get them up on my website”

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