Small changes to save the world

Having a kid really does remind you to not stuff up the planet.  I haven’t actually watched War On Waste but my increased environmental tendencies seem to have occurred on the same timeline. I already do a few things (like shun bottled water packing my own) but here are the small steps I’ve taken recently to save the world. All of them were quite affordable and don’t add any extraneous tasks to my day.

Resusable Bags

I keep a folded shopping bag in my handbag – a whole $2 from Kmart and it stops me using plastic on those unscheduled, quick, couple of items pickups.  They come in a number of patterns from old lady to hipster.  I also have Onyalife produce bags – I adore them!  For a lot of items I just let them free-ball (mandarins for example) but beans were always a plastic culprit.  These guys are lightweight and made from recycled plastic themselves.


Reusable Food Wrap

Any food that used to leave my house in glad wrap or a sandwich bag now goes out in a food pouch or wrap.  These guys velcro shut and do keep the bread fresh til lunchtime.  I’ve tried a couple of brands and find the 4myearth range functional, flexible and fits the food best.


Reusable Cup

I went with the Keep Cup mainly because I could spend an afternoon picking different colors on the website, although I was tempted by their Star Wars range… Remember if you do leave it at home (or lets admit it – forget it was in your hand bag all along) then at least ask them to leave the lid off your take away cup.


Decent cleaning cloths

Grabbing some good quality microfibre has let me ditch the paper towel.  Find some that rinse well so that its not a chore to use them and you’ll stop reaching for the paper towel when the high chair is covered in the mealtime carnage…  I’m using Norwex with success.


Buy second hand

For some, the thought of trawling through vast quantities of someone else’s leftovers is cringe worthy whilst others cannot wait to dance through aisles of pre-loved treasures for a unique find.  As both a budget and eco conscious option, op shops are hard to go past.  The last couple of times I’ve gone in with a mission I’ve been successful walking out with the item required with minimal browsing and from a single store (ie. I need jeans, I need black pants, I need a little black dress).  I admit I hate op shop smell, which is thankfully removed by putting items through a single wash.  We’re also super lucky to have a second hand kids clothing warehouse in the area which is where 90% of Riley’s clothes come from.  Its not just limited to clothes, they’ve got most things baby related and they also sell kid’s clothes you bring back in on consignment for store credit!

Don’t limit yourself to just clothes, from hard rubbish to Gumtree, upcycling can get you a unique piece and/or a craft project.  The chair I’m typing in comes from a second hand office furniture store. Its not worn out, functional and way comfier than my budget would have allowed buying new.

So how are you saving the world?

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