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Take a headshot at home with just your phone

here are my adventures taking a headshot, at home, with no fancy photography equipment. No camera or flash or tripod or backdrop. It was just me, my phone and an ikea stool in the bathroom! (cos yeah – it turns out the only room in my house with a window on a wall adjacent to...
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Beachside personal branding headshot

A very long commute

A very long commute No pressure when your beautiful client travels 5.5 hours to work with you!! “When I had the idea to get a photoshoot done for my business website, I hunted high and low for a photographer that I’d feel comfortable working with. My intuition told me Miranda was the ONE – so...
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Go Deep

Go Deep “Are you ready to go deep?” It’s the question posed by Transformation Coach Meghann Birks. She helps individuals and organisations achieve their goals by creating a road map that identifies where they are, where they want to be and how they’re going to get there. She needed some updated images moving from a...
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Christmas Photos minus Santa

Christmas Photos minus Santa Loved this family Christmas portrait session (and personally prefer the final photos over queuing up for hours to sit on Santa’s knee at the local shopping centre). Now there is the challenge of where to take the Christmas tree next year!  Also love how welcoming this family is with my assistant/daughter...
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Family Fun

This shoot was so much fun – there was football, soccer, jumping, synchronised cartwheels, recreating an image from ten years ago and genuine care for each other. There were plenty of color shots in there, my favorites just happen to be the black and whites.  
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Mini Minnie

I love capturing the bond between pets and their owners. This little gal has filled this house and heart with joy and is so independent yet cuddly all at the same time.  And its not just kids that grow up fast, this little girl was a lot smaller a short few weeks ago. Lucky the...
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but I’m not photogenic…

but I’m not photogenic… Photogenic: A subject (generally a person) is photogenic if appearing aesthetically or physically attractive or appealing in photographs.  “But I’m not photogenic” you declare. I call bulls**t! This translates to ‘I’m not comfortable in my skin’ (and why are you judging your self worth on your appearance anyways?!?) Not liking how you look...
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Misses Molly & Maggie

I love Molly’s outlook on life: it doesn’t matter what color icy pole you get given, you make it work!  Wise words from a very astute 4 year old (high five to amazing parents).  These were taken a little while ago but as they were a gift they couldn’t appear online earlier – am sure...
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Print those digital photos! (but where?)

I’m going to extend this year’s “exist in photographs” goal to include printing some of those photos so Riley and I headed out to compare photo printing using the ahem, ‘more affordable’options. There is nothing worse than paying good money for beautiful images and then leaving them on the USB in the bottom of a drawer...
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