Practical ways to use your professional photographs and be seen by your customers

There is nothing worse than digital images collecting electronic dust, so I wanted to share a couple of ideas on how you can use your professional photos to be seen by your next clients and customers:
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Planning your photoshoot – where to start?

So you know you need some professional photographs to elevate your online presence: “I want to update my website and grab some photos for Facebook and Instagram…” And you know you’ll have to get in front of the camera: “Oh and some headshots maybe…” So what’s the next step?
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but I’m not photogenic…

Photogenic: A subject (generally a person) is photogenic if appearing aesthetically or physically attractive or appealing in photographs.  “But I’m not photogenic” you declare. I call bulls**t! This translates to ‘I’m not comfortable in my skin’ (and why are you judging your self worth on your appearance anyways?!?) Not liking how you look in photos is very...
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Print those digital photos! (but where?)

I’m going to extend this year’s “exist in photographs” goal to include printing some of those photos so Riley and I headed out to compare photo printing using the ahem, ‘more affordable’options. There is nothing worse than paying good money for beautiful images and then leaving them on the USB in the bottom of a drawer...
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