How do you know when it’s time for a photoshoot?

So, how do you know when you’re ready for a photoshoot?  More specifically a professional photoshoot of you for you to use in your business.  (cos family shoot wise – if the kids look different – book the shoot!)  

I think there are two parts to answering this question.  The practical and tangible part is probably easier to define:  It’s when you are sick of using the same photos over and over.  Or you feel your photos are old, outdated and don’t represent you as you are now.  It’s when you’re sick of taking selfies.  When you’re frustrated that you don’t have the perfect image to match your perfect prose.  When you have to keep searching or cropping or resizing that magic photo with you to the side so you can fit the text overlay.  When you wish your photos had a similar style or looked more professional.  

These are all great clues you’re ready for a photoshoot!

Then there is the bit that’s harder to define.  Do you “feel ready” for a photoshoot?  And to be honest, for many of us that never happens!!

Very few of us are ecstatic about jumping in front of the camera.  We’re waiting for something to change, thing to be perfect or we’re avoiding putting ourselves out there so we can avoid being vulnerable or being judged.

I know now that I’m my worst critic and the people that see my photos don’t expect me to look perfect.  I show up to shoots with grey hairs and teeth that have never seen braces!  And I’ve learnt that if those things stop you working with me, then you’re not the right client for me.

It’s so much easier to run a business that’s aligned with my values and allows me to show up as who I am than it is to look like everyone else on instagram and pretend to be something I’m not.

Do i want to look my best in photos – hell yes!

At the expense of being myself? hell no!

And do I want my clients to see the real me?  …that’s another hell yes!

Whilst I’m in no way qualified to help you through any deep internal work you have to do in regard to mindset blocks around visibility, self worth and judgement I want to assure you you can be successful without instagram perfect eyebrows and an insta-worthy office space.  I want to remind you it’s okay to repel those that don’t share your values (that’s a photo doing it’s job!) And people DO want to hear your story – warts n all! 

Sometimes it really is a case of fake it til you make it or face the fear and do it anyway.

If you know you’re ready for a photo shoot but are stuck on the logistics like what to wear or what photos you’ll need or how many locations etc, feel free to reach out and  I’d be happy to help – no strings attached.

Miranda Mayle looking up quizzically

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