3 ways to showcase YOU in your branding Photos

Let’s talk authenticity, although a bit of a sparkly buzz word at the moment, it is so important when it comes to your branding photoshoot and how you present in your business. You are the magic behind your biz and that awesome sauce that differentiates you from everyone else in your industry.  Your photoshoot needs to be tailored to your biz and personality and go beyond a handful of pretty portraits that look like every one else. 

I love the concept “authenticity breeds loyalty” because its true.  When you share your personality, values and beliefs you attract like-minded individuals who resonate with your story.  You foster this loyal community of followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. 

Standing out from the crowd is more important than ever, especially with the increase in AI content creation. Being recognisable online helps you cut through the noise in a saturated market.  You becomes memorable.  A unique yet consistent brand identity allows people to connect with you. It builds trust and credibility.  And we all want to do business with someone we can relate to… 

Here are three great photo ideas to ensure you are showcasing you in your photography: 

1. Headshots with expressions
Go beyond the smiling shot with a series of expression.  You want the thinking face, the frustrated face, the serious face… do a quick look over your messaging for common themes – are you asking questions? Dropping some hard facts?  Let your face do what it normally does when you’re thinking or dropping the truth bomb.  Pretend the camera isn’t there and you’re just interacting with your next client.  You’ll make some meaningful connections with your audience. 

2. Wear what you want
Wear what makes you feel great, what makes you feel comfortable.  If you love power suits and loads of lashes – let’s do it!  If you prefer walking barefoot on the beach – let’s do that!  Use the photoshoot as an excuse to hire a stylist and buy a new wardrobe if that is what lights you up… but if the thought of wearing other people’s clothes has you hiding in your closet, grab your fav jeans and t-shirt and go with that. I recommend showing up in some of your photos how your clients see you when you work with them and you don’t need a wardrobe of brand colors… just be sure to not clash with your brand colors. 

3. Use your space
Capture some shots of your desk or bookshelf or favorite plants or favorite tea cup and use them as banners, borders and backgrounds.  Replace some stock photos.  It’s a way to inject you into your photos without having to have your face in every shot.

Looking forward to seeing more of the real you online,

ps. If you need authenticity inspiration – google Leonie Dawson – making millions and being so very true to herself (pic below).  She’s too much for some but those who get her are oh so loyal.

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