From Selfie to Headshot

Level up in lockdown and get that selfie looking like it was taken in a studio

1) GREAT LIGHTING: Find the best light in your home, usually an opaque window or a window with a sheer curtain to diffuse the light or open shade outside. If you’ve a must have background with crappy lighting then grab the ring light or bounce a lamp or two off nearby neutral wall. We are trying to avoid harsh light coming from directly above as that maximises the shadows under our eyes etc – think the good ole torch at a campfire telling a scary story effect – we don’t want it! So avoid bright sun outside at midday and standing directly underneath a downlight.

2) STAND OUT: We want you to be the centre of attention so don’t be right against your backdrop. Take a step forward and if you can change the settings on your phone, go for portrait mode or a smaller f-stop number. This will keep you in focus but make the background a little blurry – so you stand out!

3) CONTACT: Pretend the camera isn’t there and you are making eye contact with the person looking at the photo. Don’t just say cheese – tell yourself a story, think of a happy memory, have a make believe conversation with that person on the other side of the camera – you want to emote not just make a face.

This is my lockdown face…

This is my lockdown face…

So let’s find the best light in your house!  Do a walk around and take a selfie in a few locations – is it the window in the lounge, outside on the veranda or in the bathroom with the window light bouncing back off the mirror?

How does the light differ if you face the window, if you’re at an angle to the window, if you take a step or two away from the window?

How does that light differ in the morning to the afternoon?

And what does the background look like in the best light location – something you’d be happy to have online, something you could change a little to be happy online or will you have to settle for second or third best light locations around your house?

My best light at home (excluding setting up studio lighting) is the bathroom – I’ve got a blank wall, a opaque window and a mirror that reflects the light. And I have a little wiggle room to turn and decide how much of my face I want in shadow.

Can’t wait to see your next set of selfies in beautiful light, where you stand out and connect with your audience!!

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