Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula



Christmas Photos minus Santa

Christmas Photos minus Santa Loved this family Christmas portrait session (and personally prefer the final photos over queuing up for hours to sit on Santa’s knee at the local shopping centre). Now there is the challenge of where to take the Christmas tree next year!  Also love how welcoming this family is with my assistant/daughter...
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Active Albert

I had a blast at this photo shoot.  We headed to one of Albert’s favorite locations and off he went!  Not sure I’ve had to do some much running during a session before!  (Specially whilst baby wearing!!)  Behind the scenes shot taken by his mum included below as well 🙂      
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Emma Race speaks at the Babes Project Rewriting Motherhood Forum

Rewriting Motherhood Forum – The Babes Project

I was very excited to be invited to photograph for The Babes Project again.  These guys not only do amazing work supporting soon to be mums, but are also so very welcoming of Riley when she comes packed with my cameras.  The Rewriting Motherhood Forum was another stellar event providing inspiration, laughter and empowerment through...
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Just perfect in pink…

A new baby is the perfect reason to book a family portrait session. And there is nothing cuter than a new baby, except maybe her older sister lovingly hugging and kissing her.
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red shoes purple wedding dress

The “should Deadpool play roller derby?” wedding…

These guys trusted me to capture their day their way, were super welcoming of my little side kick and said awesome things afterwards: “HOLY FREAKIN’ WOW!!!! Love, love, LOVE our photos!!!! Thank you so much for capturing “us”! The quirkiness and personality is just pouring out of these images! I knew you would be the...
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A most glamorous paddock

I think it makes sense to schedule a personal project shoot now and then – to learn and to let your imagination and creativity run free.  This one has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while now combining family portraits with some Vanity Fair glam and using the gorgeous light in...
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More kids means more smiles!

You’re never short of a smile (or a shot) when there are six kids running around their backyard!
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Misses Molly & Maggie

I love Molly’s outlook on life: it doesn’t matter what color icy pole you get given, you make it work!  Wise words from a very astute 4 year old (high five to amazing parents).  These were taken a little while ago but as they were a gift they couldn’t appear online earlier – am sure...
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Much sand, not much sun…

Izzy didn’t have much luck catching seagulls at this beach side family portrait session but we did catch a lot of smiles 🙂
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