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What not to buy for your new baby

I have a theory that people go back for more kids to average out the cost per child. 😛  There is also a lot of marketing out there that’s sole purpose is to make you feel guilty if you’ve not purchased the best (read: expensive) and many, many items for your darling new arrival and it’s...
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Clean up in aisle two… cloth nappies

We’ve gone with cloth nappies.  I just hate the idea of wrapping raw sewage in plastic and sticking it in landfill.  Who actually reads the side of the pack and empties waste into the toilet first?  But I also wanted to be realistic and didn’t want to overload the workload when Riley first arrived home....
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Small changes to save the world

Having a kid really does remind you to not stuff up the planet.  I haven’t actually watched War On Waste but my increased environmental tendencies seem to have occurred on the same timeline. I already do a few things (like shun bottled water packing my own) but here are the small steps I’ve taken recently...
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