The Real Amanda

My best tip for amazing headshots? Let your inner confidence shine. So often the lighting, the pose, the smile – everything in a photo is perfect except the glint of fear or self doubt in the eyes of the subject.  “But I’m not photogenic!” you declare, “And I hate getting in front of a camera…”  Then I ask you to pretend you love having your photo taken: Imagine you’re a celebrity for a short time and relish in the attention! Or bring a friend who puts you at ease and makes you laugh and will be your cheerleader between shots.  And trust your photographer, its their job to nail the photogenic bit and they want amazing shots too 🙂

Here are some headshots taken at a very picturesque property on the peninsula with Amanda from The Real You.  I love her smile, the eye contact, the makeup and I think she is terribly photogenic!


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