Wanted: common sense

So using my blog as therapy again…. Yay for school uniform policy changes in Vic but seriously cannot believe this topic is still controversial. Surely common sense dictates: here are all the items of clothing that make up our uniform, choose the bits you want to wear irrespective of gender. And let’s be honest, allowing girls to wear pants and shorts is only half way to equality. Allowing boys to wear skirts and dresses is also required.

Then don’t get me started on not allowing coloured hair and school staff or visitors having to cover up tattoos. I have blue hair and many of my friend have tattoos. It’s not the dye or ink that makes you a good or bad person. FFS. More role modelling behaviours and less policing appearances is required.

And banning cartwheels? If you think seeing a child’s underwear when they are actively playing is evil or somehow sexual it is you that needs to be removed, not the cartwheel.

I cannot fathom how far from common sense we have strayed. Although if I need further evidence I need look no further than my letter box… :(…

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