Workout Wonder Woman

Feeling very inspired by Louise who worked so hard to get this healthy and then celebrated with a gym photoshoot… Okay so not that inspired that I’d actually consider a gym recreationally or eat less carbs… but the kinda ‘you go girl, I’m gunna have one less donut today’ kinda inspired.

In all seriousness though – it was amazing to see how committed she was to her personal goals and how the end result empowered her.

And she set me a challenge: an unedited image to send off for the Oxygen Magazine Covergirl contest. Nothing strikes more fear into a photographer in this digital age than not being able to edit a shot. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll always aim for perfect straight from camera to minimise editing time – and I’m not into changing a person’s shape or features but I do like knowing I can tweak an image if it’s not technically perfect. ⠀

We also needed a light background and was so glad we found a plain grey concrete wall outside the gym. The gent moving fruit in the forklift behind us asked when I’d photograph him. I said when he had a pink bikini to pose in 😛

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