Photos in Action: The Babes Project

I love seeing my photos in action and it can be inspiring to see how other businesses use professional photographs.

When not in lockdown, I spend a morning a month with The Babes Project. Their vision is a society in which all women have access to perinatal support and they help families thrive by creating safe spaces and innovative avenues for vulnerable women to access this vital support. They rely on the generosity of their own supporters so it’s crucial for them to have images that tell their story and get them visible.


The Babes Project website gets maximum image impact via powerful web banners and team shots that aren’t always on a perfect background with everyone smiling at the camera.  These candid images resonate with their target audience who understand life isn’t always perfect.

Facebook and Instagram are full of images of their team working with the mums and bubs they support. Most of these images are captured as they interact naturally.  These emotive action shots paint the picture of their passion and support for new and soon to be mums. We also take many close up images which are perfect for text overlays.


The Babes Project produces a plethora of printed materials for awareness marketing, fundraising, team education and to update supporters on their work.


I faced my strong dislike of flying late last year to photograph the opening of The Babes Project Cairns Centre. I was blown away to see a number of my photos printed and framed up on the walls. Pictures of real women The Babes Project have helped, that I got to photograph and are now sharing their journey with the women of Cairns. Proud, humbling and way too many feelings.

This use is obviously quite specific to this business but printing and hanging a photograph (professional or not) that celebrates your journey or business milestone is one of the best ways to use your photos!

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