Prepare for your personal brand photoshoot and what to expect on the day

You’re doing it – you’re going to finally book that photoshoot for you in your business

and its coming off the todo list

and you’ve sent the initial enquiry

– so what’s next!?!

Before the photoshoot

We start with a discovery questionnaire to better understand your brand and your audience. I’ll ask things like where you’ll be using your photos, what you like about photos of yourself, what colors and styles do people associate with your brand and checkout out all of your socials and website. We use this discussion to determine the photos required, the location(s)/backdrops we’ll be shooting at, your wardrobe and any prop choices.

Each photoshoot is tailored to your outcomes – we might be shooting in your home office and backyard or the local beach/park/café or a hired Airbnb – I’m very good at finding scenes whilst we’re out and about and I can also pack portable backdrops and lighting so we can recreate the studio in your home. There might be some shots of your tools of the trade, we might get a friend in to pretend to be a client, you might want photos of your products, some photos with the family or pets, photos of you doing what you love from making a coffee to journaling – we’ll work this all out.

I recommend 1.5 hours for your first personal branding shoot. 1 hour feels rushed and if you don’t love being in front of the camera 90 minutes is a good length.

I believe you need to feel comfortable and look like yourself in your wardrobe choices and there are no rules on what you can and can’t wear because these are not going to be printed and date hanging on the wall and its your business your way. If you want to get your hair and makeup done and hire a stylist, do it! If you want to throw on your jeans, favorite tops and a little mascara – do that! We want your photos to be genuine and look like you (with great lighting, clever angles and on a good hair day haha!)

On the day

Bring all the outfit changes and props and let’s have some fun.  Feel free to pack a friend to cheerlead and make you feel more comfortable. Pretend your a celebrity and trust me to implement your vision – I take the responsibility for telling your story authentically very seriously.

There will be some ‘action shots’ where I’ll probably ask you do it again slower or pause on occasion and there will be some more posed shots – that I promise don’t look awkward or posed! You’ll hear me say ‘chin down just a fraction’ waaaay too many times.

We’ll go from serious and thinking to hint of a smile, natural smile to laugh out loud. 

Just pretend I’m your ideal client and you’re telling me passionately about your business.

Bottom line: I promise to not stand you in front of the camera and just say ‘smile’.

Receiving your photos

I pride myself in a fast turnaround so you should have access to your online gallery within a week. Login and download the social res to use for anything online – your website, profile pics and socials.  And use the high resolution copies for printing, documents and where you might want to crop in tight without losing the clarity.

As you get all of the insta-worthy images you don’t have to flick thru hundreds of photographs and just choose your ten favorites. And I understand you won’t use them all – but you can choose which smile you prefer rather than the one I think you’ll prefer!

Plus when you want to post a similar images in a month or two’s time – you’ve got some variations so you don’t have to reuse the same photo over and over.

Your photos come with commercial use licensing too – so you can crop, filter, color, overlay, collage etc in whatever way best suits your business needs.

Anything else you’d like to know about planning your photoshoot or what to expect?  Send thru your questions!

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