Practical ways to use your professional photographs and be seen by your customers

There is nothing worse than digital images collecting electronic dust, so I wanted to share a couple of ideas on how you can use your professional photos to be seen by your next clients and customers:

You’ll need a cover image and a profile pic to start with:

Profile photos are displayed as a circle and look best when you upload a square image that’s 720px or 960px square. If you’re not using a logo you’ll want an epic headshot that shows your personality, fits your brand, creates trust (and you actually like!)

Cover photos are 828 x 315 pixels with a mobile safe area in the middle that is 560px wide. Your cover image should showcase your business and serve a purpose like brand awareness or advertising your product/services. You’ll probably want to crack out Canva  or engage a graphic designer to add some text or combine a couple of images for greatest impact.

You’ll need different image sizes for your newsfeedFacebook event covers and different types of ads. Checkout the DreamGrow cheatsheet for all the details.

My facebook cover image

My facebook cover image

Jazz up a quote, testimonial or text block on your instagram feed with a background image. Choose a detailed image of your product, tools of your trade or where you work. In your editing program of choice, drop the opacity to around 50% and then fine tune it so it doesn’t overwhelm the text. You could also add a color overlay to further mute the photo or put the text in a coloured box on top of the background image effectively creating a custom border (and in the image below I’ve reduced the opacity on the box so the image shows thru a little). It’s just a subtle reminder of your business beyond a branding color. 

I’m actually a sucker for a nice postcard or thank you card inside a package. I’ve a few up on my office wall and fridge which always keep these businesses front and centre in my mind. Grab a gorgeous image and add an empowering quote for maximum staying power and be sure to include all the business info on the back so it’s within easy reach.

I love seeing your photos in action – feel free to send me a link or a pic, or let me know what’s stopping you from using your photos to their full potential!

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