Why deliver over 150 photos (when she needed one)?

Bernadine, who works in business finance, recently reached out for photographs as she needed an image to use in a industry publication. She had one photo of herself that she loved and that she was using on her website about page, her LinkedIn profile and everywhere else but it was not a high enough resolution to use in print. She loved that it was black and white and had an industrial feel and she felt she looked youthful in it.

As you may (or may not) know, I don’t charge per image, I charge per session, so although we were after that one epic shot, we organised an hour of personal brand photography  focussing on headshots. We headed down to Frankston waterfront – a location that resonated with her.

I was very concerned about my photographs competition with her favorite photo. I felt the low resolution had something to do with the feeling of youthfulness which just wouldn’t occur in my images. I’m also not into retouching (unless its something transient like a pimple or coldsore) so that wasn’t going to help.  Plus we were going to be shooting in pretty bright sunlight – notorious for accentuating the shadows under eyes!

So why did I deliver 159 photos?

<gets out soapbox> I don’t like the traditional model in photography of a session fee and then a price per image – especially when you are delivering digital files.  I do the same amount of work whether you purchase one of my photographs or all 159 – so why should you pay more?!?! <slides soapbox to the side a little but keeps it within reach!>

I also understand that you are probably not going to use all 159 images.  I deliver a heap of locations and different poses but you get a couple of varients for some shots so you can chose which crop you prefer or which facial expression you prefer or which composition etc.

And we don’t waste any time going backward and forward because you don’t have to pour over the gallery then chose your favorites then send that info to me, then I have to deliver the chosen few images.

And its also super handy to have all those small variations so if you want to use the same kind of photo again next month on your socials – you’ve got one slightly different and don’t repeat yourself.

So Bernadine now has a new favorite shot to use everywhere plus a heap of other images to update the website, fill her socials and make her graphic designer/social media manager VA super happy!

 “Oh Miranda! I have never liked photos of myself and now I am finding it hard to choose which ones I don’t like. I love them all. Thank you so much!”

Would love to know if you have that one photo you love and use everywhere or do you like to change it up regularly?  And what is it about that photo that makes it the favorite?

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