Personal Branding

Planning your photoshoot – where to start?

So you know you need some professional photographs to elevate your online presence: “I want to update my website and grab some photos for Facebook and Instagram…” And you know you’ll have to get in front of the camera: “Oh and some headshots maybe…” So what’s the next step?
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Go Deep

“Are you ready to go deep?” It’s the question posed by Transformation Coach Meghann Birks. She helps individuals and organisations achieve their goals by creating a road map that identifies where they are, where they want to be and how they’re going to get there. She needed some updated images moving from a brand name...
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In the dance studio…

Its both easier and harder to photograph someone you know.  You know what makes them tick so you can get the emotions required more easily, there is an instant connection and they are comfortable around you yet… sometimes too comfortable!  On this personal branding shoot with my sister (for her dance school: Simply Dance) I...
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